1. The Only One

From the recording Long, Long Time

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The Only One - Dr. Rock

I'm the only one
Spit in your eye when you're having fun
Laugh in your face when you're feeling high
Nod my head, you will cry

They say you can never tell
When I arrive, you'll know me well
Won't need wings, to fly

I'm the only one
Take up your time and make you run
Steal your future from under your nose
Won't see me coming, no one does

The last thing that you see
Will be me
Arms open, open wide
Let's fly

Through years and tears and ups and downs
Running round in circles, round and round
No matter if you did what you were told
I'll meet you up on in the road


Please me
Be all that you can be
Believe me
Together we'll make history

I'm the lonely one
It's a party, won't you come
Bring your friends there's room for company
One family

On the road to hell
They know me well
There's the signpost up ahead
Next stop
You're dead